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Horizontal jack for more stable lifting of full size SUVs

Today, we will mainly talk about the lifting height of the jack. Taking the car jack as an example, the most common shear jack has a lifting range of around 100mm to 400mm. From this height alone, it can still cover more than 90% of cars, while the horizontal jack is slightly inferior, with a lifting height generally ranging from 135mm to 320mm.

If only based on data, shear jacks can lift cars with higher chassis, but this is not the case in actual use, because many car operations are not determined by height, but by stability. The design structure of the two determines their stability differences.

The chassis height of small cars is generally within 200mm, and it is acceptable to choose a scissor jack for this type of vehicle. In fact, most small cars choose a scissor jack. If we are facing full-size SUVs with high chassis, we no longer recommend using shear jacks, but rather recommend using horizontal jacks.

The ground clearance of these SUVs is generally above 250mm, and some even reach 300mm. This data may not seem like a big problem for a shear jack, but don't overlook the stability of the shear jack. The higher the deformation height of the shear jack, the more unstable it becomes. Although its maximum height is 400mm, it is never advocated to use its maximum height for lifting operations, which is equivalent to using a straight iron rod for support.

Although the lifting height of a horizontal jack is slightly lower, the lifting distance is always enough for the tire to leave the ground, without the need for the tire to separate too much from the ground. The lifting operation of these full size SUVs would be more stable using a horizontal jack.

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