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What are the main differences between single and double pump horizontal jacks

As we all know, the common horizontal jack among car mounted jacks utilizes the principle of hydraulic transmission, and the hydraulic pump can be said to be the "heart" of the entire horizontal jack. Many people may not know that there are two types of horizontal jacks: single pump and double pump. Compared to them, double pump horizontal jacks have more advantages. So where are the main advantages reflected?

The so-called dual pump horizontal jack refers to the fact that there are two hydraulic pumps inside the jack. Firstly, it should be clear that single and dual pumps do not affect the quality of the jack, and quality issues mainly depend on the material and design tightness. The main difference between them lies in the degree of time and effort saving during use.

You need to understand the principle of dual pumps first. The two pistons are different in size. When you shake the handle, both pumps are working. When the load is empty, the lifting speed is pump 1 plus pump 2. When the jack quickly touches the car, the large flow pump of pump 1 has reached the set pressure and is not working. At this time, the slow and high-pressure pump of pump 2 continues to supply oil.

When comparing the usage of single and double pump horizontal jacks, double pumps are more labor-saving and time-saving. When lifting at the same height, the lifting speed of double pump horizontal jacks can reach approximately 2.5 times that of single pump horizontal jacks, which is the main difference between the two.

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