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Should I buy a new hydraulic jack or repair it after it leaks oil

If maintenance personnel choose between hydraulic jacks of the same specification and screw jacks, they will definitely choose screw jacks, because the first problem they face when choosing a hydraulic driven jack is oil leakage. After oil leakage, the jack is not only easy to dirty the ground, but also labor-saving hydraulic jacks will become powerless to lift after oil leakage, which will reduce the lifting force of the jack. Similarly, The pressure of lifting heavy objects will naturally be passed on to the operators, invisibly increasing their pressure.

When the hydraulic jack experiences severe oil leakage and the operator is overwhelmed, should the hydraulic jack be repaired or should a new jack be purchased?

Firstly, if the jack experiences oil leakage, it will greatly affect our work efficiency. We can first check the sealing ring and oil cylinder of the jack for any leakage, and then determine whether to replace the components.

After comprehensive consideration, if the service life of the hydraulic jack exceeds 5 years and other components also exhibit certain signs of rust and aging, we suggest that everyone replace it with a new jack.

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